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Colloidal Silver Generator

Generating your own colloidal silver has never been easier!

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a purified water solution that contains silver particles and ions. These particles vary between 0.01 and 0.001 microns in diameter. It is a powerful natural broad-spectrum antibiotic that works selectively, respecting our natural flora.


Colloidal silver has been shown to kill large numbers of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also promotes rapid wound healing. It also helps eliminate tumor cells and stimulates bone growth. Hence, due to the great demonstrated efficacy, its rapidity of action and its complete safety at the appropriate doses, this ancient remedy is considered a kind of second immune system, which complements and strengthens the natural immune system. This is especially important when our immune system is not one hundred percent, as in the cases of people with immunity deficiency, young children who are still developing it, and people of advanced age, in whom it has already lost part of its effectiveness. .

How it is generated

The best way to generate safe and effective colloidal silver is electrolysis from two rods of totally pure silver.

Colloidal silver obtained electrically using our BioSilver generator is in isolated ionic form, in the form of a very small pure particle, not bound with other elements. Thus, the size of the silver particles is incredibly much smaller compared to other production methods. In other words, and this makes a big difference, silver ions and particles are surrounded only by water molecules.

Thanks to BioSilver's modern automated technology, you won't need to be vigilant during the electrolysis process. BioSilver will do it all for you, offering you maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

Meet Bio Silver, these are all the functions of the generator.


Alternate polarity

Extends the life of the electrodes, equalizing their wear. Eliminate waste and optimize particle production.


Incorporates stirrer

It helps to distribute the silver particles evenly throughout the solution, avoiding agglomerations.



Automatic stop

When it reaches the desired PMM, it stops and reports with an audible indicator.


Amperage control

Controlled and limited current to achieve uniform particles and the smallest possible.


To be

To observe the Tyndall effect. Check the process by showing that it has suspended particles.


BioSilver_Test Pureza_Icono.png

Purity test

Check the purity of the water to indicate if it is suitable or not for its preparation.



Designed by Bio Silver and manufactured exclusively for this generator to process all functions. 



Intuitive interface

Easy to use for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert generating colloidal silver.


The device

BioSilver is a fully automatic professional colloid generator. It is manufactured with the latest technology. Thanks to the sophisticated software that already incorporates the large amount of analysis and tests carried out during years of development, BioSilver achieves great precision in the measurement of PPM (mg / L). This completely eliminates the need to use converter tables or timers.


The water purity test, applied before starting each production process, guarantees that the electrolysis is carried out with the right water to obtain a product of the highest quality.


BioSilver makes the most inexperienced an expert. Its easy handling allows its use by people of all levels, from the most experienced to the beginner in the generation of colloidal silver. It incorporates two modes of use: an automatic mode, where the voltage and current values are already predetermined, and another free mode, more suitable for the experienced user.


BioSilver features two 5N (99.999%) pure silver electrodes 20 cm long x 2 mm thick in a U shape. They are made by a master jeweler, using a totally new crucible, to avoid possible alloys and maintain maximum purity.

The device incorporates two external supports to facilitate the insertion of the silver electrodes in the water.


Although the power adapter is 12 volts, the microprocessor provides an initial voltage of 40 volts to the electrodes, thus facilitating the electrolysis process.


BioSilver includes a laser diode that allows, through the Tyndall effect, to observe if there are nano particles in suspension.


The appliance has a food grade plastic stirring rod.


Both the laser and the stirring rod can be turned off or on as desired. This is of interest to advanced users.


BioSilver offers the possibility to choose the desired PPM, in a range of 5 to 20 PPM.


At the end of the process, the device emits an audible signal that warns us that our high-quality colloidal silver is ready and ready for immediate use.



Bio Silver has been created to support people seeking self-reliance

BioSilver_Contenido Caja.jpg

Find out how to use the generator  Bio Silver

More than two years of experimentation

After more than 2 years of experimentation and analysis, we have achieved PPM accuracy. Thanks to the powerful built-in software, BioSilver is extremely accurate when measuring PPM (mg / L). To achieve this, we have modified the Faraday electrolysis formula, adding more variables that intervene in the process of making colloidal silver, such as the silver surface immersed in water, the initial conductivity, etc.


100% manufactured
in Spain

2 years warranty


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